About Eternal Crosses

So glad you're here to explore Eternal Crosses. We're excited about what we're creating here: a select group of Christian cross necklaces, each with a unique story.

We've been in the jewelry business for a long time, 115 years. Our older sibling is Cross Jewelers, a 4th generation family store in Portland, Maine, where we've been making fine jewelry since 1908. With a name like Cross Jewelers, Christian crosses have always been an important part of our business. Recently, we thought we'd start a new site exclusively devoted to just 12 crosses – some are exclusive, others are best of the best classics. We put a lot of thought into each one.

If you'd like to visit our sister store, visit CrossJewelers.com, where we have over 1,000 great fine jewelry gifts.

Anything you purchase from either Eternal Crosses or Cross Jewelers comes with free shipping anywhere USA. If you have any questions, please reach out to 1800-433-2988.

Eternal Crosses - Your Faith, Your Story.

Portland Headlight

Americas most photographed lighthouse is just a 12 minute drive from where our jewelers work.

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